Stranger Things

"Stranger Things" is a fairly new Netflix TV show that exploded in popularity with the release of Season 2. Commentary on "binge watching" aside, I think there is some significant educational value to the enterprise of "Stranger Things."

The biggest reason for this is the accompanying series, "Beyond Stranger Things," in which host Jim Rash (a comedian known for his role as the dean of Greendale Community College in the six-season sitcom, "Community") interviews the writers and the executive producer (who are also the directors) and all of the main cast members on their experiences working on the show. It's funny, insightful, and creates a window into the creative process that few students get to experience.

Plus, "Stranger Things" has an interesting, suspenseful story that, without giving any #spoilers, is obviously sustainable for at least 3 seasons.

And,if you, as an educator, let your students know that you watch the show, I'm pretty sure it makes you at least 3 times cooler than you already are ;)

What else do YOU think makes "Stranger Things" educational?


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