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My Philosophy

Well, I posted my policy paper, so I guess I'll reveal my philosophy before it's been graded, too.

Here goes...

Just for fun.

As simple as it may sound, my goal as a teacher is to facilitate learning through curiosity. I don’t want my students to walk away from my class thinking (or saying aloud) ‘this is stupid’ or ‘I didn’t learn anything’ or, worse yet, to walk away without thinking at all. But these phenomena do occur, not only because students today are not engaged enough with the material they are required to learn, but because they’re not engaged enough with each other and the world around them to know why they should care. This is a tragedy that good English Language Arts teachers can and should remedy by encouraging students to question, imagine, and discuss a variety of topics in and outside of class.

As English Language Arts (ELA) teachers, we have the ability and responsibility to teach students a wide range of content as well as skill sets, and we may have any easi…

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