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The Importance of Goal Setting

If you're something of a skeptic (like me), or a headstrong teenager (like I once was), the words "goal setting" may set your eyes a-rolling. The phrase may remind you of arbitrary school assignments or mystical ideals foisted upon you at some point. I know. I get it. But honest to God, setting goals for yourself can help you accomplish what you want to accomplish, on a number of levels and at a range of paces.
Take National Novel Writing Month, for example; more specifically, Camp NaNoWriMo. Every July (and April), this California-based nonprofit encourages writers of all ages all over the world (yes, world, even though it isn't called "International" Novel Writing Month) to get their creative game on and write something. You set the word count, line count, page count, or hourly goal on the first of the month, and you have until 11:59 (in your time zone) on the last day of the month to meet (or surpass) it. If you do so, you win discounts on things like w…

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