Civic Engagement

In our Place, Culture and Responsibility (a.k.a. Ecojustice) class last fall, we were tasked with creating an education, place-based project that could be used in a local classroom. This project could include a WebQuest, discussion guide, set of lessons, curriculum activity, or work(s) of art, to be designed with a partner or group.
A classmate and I decided to develop a set of lessons (including a WebQuest, discussion guide, and out-of-class activities) centered on Engaging Adolescents in Civic Participation (and that's our title). His focus is history/government, mine, as you probably know, is English language arts.

A photo from a recent school board meeting I attended.

We just submitted this for a grade, but I'm sure we will want to tweak it for real-life use, so it may always be a work in progress. You can view the complete PDF here.

Creative Commons License Engaging Adolescents in Civic Participation by Cait Buxbaum, Evan Kopperud is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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